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If so, please complete the program enrollment application and a Hill CDC representative will follow up with you to discuss next steps. 

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Give us a call at (412) 765-1820, or email Diamonte Walker at and we can answer any questions you might have. 

About the Hill District 100 Program

Home ownership is key in wealth and community building!  The time is now for current residents and newcomers alike to realize the dream of owning their own home in the Hill District.  The Hill District 100 is an initiative of the Hill CDC that embraces the Hill District’s rich cultural legacy while advancing revitalization. The Hill District 100 provides relevant and meaningful education and support to potential home buyers to systematically grow the Hill District, increase wealth and transform the community. 

These services offer a comprehensive approach to home buying in the Hill District for first-time buyers, and for those who have been in the market before.  Through the Hill District 100, renters may even realize that their monthly rent is more costly than a typical home mortgage and that homeownership is a possibility!  As Pittsburgh grows and property values increase, so will the value of the Hill District community.  So claim your share of the 1,000+ acres of the Hill District, and enjoy its vibrant culture and picturesque views of Pittsburgh’s skyline.

This initiative will provide a variety of services such as:

·         Housing counseling with a certified housing counselor.

·         Customized action plan to begin the homebuying process. 

·         Home financing and homeownership education workshops. 

·         Assistance in Navigating the Lending Process

·         Guided tours of the Hill District with key insights into development plans. 

·         Assistance with Home Customization* 

·         Identification of Available/Suitable Properties*

·         New Development & Restoration of Vacant Structures*


 The Hill is the Center of it ALL!

For more information, please contact
Diamonte Walker @ 412-765-1820 or

*A fee may be associated with these services.

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Serving the Greater Hill District of Pittsburgh, PA