Lower Hill Block B

Lower Hill Block B
Project Status: 
Under Review
Development Category: 

January 2020 - Submitted to the DRP

  • Phase 1 of a 290k sq. ft. mixed-use/residential building that includes 288 units (around 800 sq. ft. per unit)
  • 230 of the units will be market rate and the remaining 58 affordable units (20%) will be affordable per the Lower Hill District PLDP
  • First-floor common areas and amenity spaces will be approx. 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Underground parking garage with 219 spaces plus utility rooms, trash rooms, and related spaced to support the building residents

February 2020 - Internal Review by DRP

  • An internal review performed by DRP February 5th
  • Additional information requested by DRP
  • Developers have not yet been invited to present at the DRP

March 2020 - Additional Discussion Requested

  • Joined the DRP at their March 4th meeting
  • Discussed additional information requested
  • Developers were invited to present at April Meeting

April 2020 - Sat before the DRP

  • The developer presented the project to the DRP at the April 1st Meeting
  • Received a score of 75% - C against GHDMP and 71% - C against CCIP
  • DRP invited the developer to the May 6th meeting to discuss solutions to bring the project in alignment with CCIP and GHDMP.

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