Hill CDC Statement on Bedford Senior Housing Concerns

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Hill CDC Statement on Bedford Senior Housing Concerns

As we previously mentioned in our October 9th communication, the Hill CDC has received a broad range of building and tenant complaints and concerns at its Bedford Senior Campus site, which includes Western and Milliones Manors. While a beautiful campus with historic and attractive buildings, there are a number of system and building failures faced primarily due to the age of the buildings and limited capital.

To all of our residents, and to the families of our tenants, please know we take these matters very seriously and are working diligently to resolve them. We are visiting the campus weekly. Our president and CEO, Marimba Milliones, as a lifelong Hill District resident, expresses her disappointment and regret for having placed faith and trust that did not deliver for our seniors or on our mission and core values. She has already made progress leading her team toward the goal of improved conditions.

In 2018, the Hill CDC assumed leadership of an inactive non-profit's asset, Western Manor, which is owned by Western Manor, Inc., to take control of the entire Bedford Senior campus to focus on the redevelopment and address compliance, financial, and property management issues, such that the buildings could better serve the needs of tenants. We stepped up in the absence of so many others even with the quickly deteriorating condition of the asset and rolled up our sleeves.

Since then, we have continued to aggressively fundraise for immediate emergency funds to address the most urgent needs identified while we simultaneously developed a long-term plan to revitalize the housing campus in a comprehensive redevelopment. The onset of COVID-19 further complicated an already difficult situation.

Given Hill CDC's goals of repositioning parts of its real estate portfolio, the organization brought on Jeff Bachman, Director of Neighborhood Development with 30 years of affordable housing real estate and asset management experience to deepen our expertise for this type of complex real estate work. We are having productive conversations on financing the needed repairs to the systems, building, and drive/walkways with both local (URA), state (PHFA), and federal (HUD) agencies. The Hill CDC is hopeful that the necessary resources will be secured to invest in the properties to address issues of concern in the coming weeks and months. We ask for ongoing engagement and communication from impacted residents as our collective efforts unfold.

We are committed to putting together the right development and management teams to reposition this building and the campus so it can again be the proud home of Hill District seniors.