Shawn Sweeney


Shawn Sweeney

Operations & Real Estate Assistant
Hill CDC

Shawn Sweeney serves as Real Estate and Fund Development Assistant at the Hill CDC. She is also the Coordinator of Engagement in the Department of Community Engagement at Point Park University. Shawn brings more than twenty-five years' experience in the nonprofit and education sectors building strong connections and collaborations with community partners, creating and strengthening high-quality programs, and developing and improving processes that lead to enhanced outcomes.

Shawn's passion for non-profits and volunteering started as a child when she "helped" her mother deliver Meals on Wheels and watched her father serve as a volunteer firefighter (for almost 50 years now). Through both professional and volunteer work, Shawn demonstrates her commitment to working with youth, young adults, and under-resourced communities to increase opportunities and access to needed resources. Shawn has worked in higher education, youth workforce development, youth prevention and leadership development, and community development.

In addition to volunteering with numerous non-profits, Shawn has served in three national service programs, including Public Allies where she started her work with the Hill CDC. Shawn has received numerous awards and recognition for her volunteer work. As Chairperson of the Jackson County (Ohio) Relay for Life, Shawn led a team of volunteers to win a National Top Five Per Capita Fundraising Award for the county's 30,000 - 40,000 population size. Under Shawn's leadership, revenues increased by 50% in one year.

Shawn holds a Master of Science degree in Political Science, with an interdisciplinary concentration in Applied Community and Economic Development from Illinois State University. Shawn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resources Management and Psychology from Marietta College.

An avid knitter, sometimes knitwear designer, and a novice watercolorist, Shawn loves to read, create, learn new things, and find the perfect sized container for leftovers.


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