The Community Living Room

Thursday, July 18, 2024 - 5:30pm
Nafasi on Centre, 2145 Centre Ave

Join us in "The Community Living Room," a series of convenings dedicated to rigorously examining Black knowledge traditions and Black life in Pittsburgh. Our goal is to transform our collective thinking about education through freedom-centered knowledges and practices. By embracing our roles as learners, we can deepen our curriculum and view teaching as a creative, generous, and liberatory act for Black educators.

Relational Responsibilities:

In our interconnected community, we are committed to:

Active Listening: Truly hear and understand each other.

Honest Challenging: Engage with ideas critically and respectfully.

Dedicated Learning: Foster a productive learning environment where ideas are rigorously examined without personal disparagement.


We will practice:

Listening and Hearing

Deep Studying and Meaningful Contribution

Engaging Generously: Explore possibilities, seek connections, deepen understanding, and embrace complexity over mere critique.

Framework for Shared Inquiry:

Stretch: Push questions beyond immediate concerns to explore broader implications.

Resonance: Foster nonhierarchical collective action through questions that elicit deep, attentive responses.

Resilience: Ensure questions remain flexible and connected to their purpose, adapting to changing circumstances and new discoveries.

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