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The Commercial Redevelopment Task Force ("CRTF") was established in May 2018 with Councilman Lavelle to coordinate and focus both technical expertise and the financial community on infrastructure work necessary to facilitate development along the Centre and Herron Avenue Corridors.  

The CRTF meets on a monthly basis and is a partnership between 18 different organizations and government entities:

  • Housing Authority of Pittsburgh 
  • Pittsburgh Water & Sewage Authority
  • Neighborhood Allies
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • Lavelle Real Estate
  • Office of City Councilman Daniel Lavelle
  • Office of State Rep. Jake Wheatley
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Amani Christian Community Development Corporation
  • Schenley Heights Development Collaborative
  • Hillman Foundation
  • Port Authority
  • Cosmos Technologies
  • City of Pittsburgh Permits, Licenses & Inspections 
  • Dollar Bank
  • Department of City Planning
  • Duquesne University
  • Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
  • Evolve EA

Centre Avenue & Herron Avenue Request for Proposals (“RFP”)

In 2019, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (“URA”) will be accepting bids for bundles of publicly owned land along the Centre Avenue corridor. Considerations for this project include increasing minority business participation, focus on mobility, transportation and parking, and codifying and implementing existing plans, such as the Greater Hill District Master Plan (“GHDMP”). The Review Committee that will receive these proposals will consist of Hill District residents, appointees from elected officials, and agency staff. Additionally, the URA will host an MWBE (Minority & Women Business Enterprises) networking event following the release of the RFP.


Codification of the Greater Hill District Master Plan (“GHDMP”)

Codification is the process of adapting a neighborhood development plan to fit the City of Pittsburgh Planning Code. By codifying the GHDMP, developers will be required to adhere to the urban design proposals, as well as the development principles which emphasize addressing and/or righting historical wrongs, promoting economic justice, neighborhood driven civic design, promoting a green and healthy environment, and utilizing neighborhood strengths and assets. The CRTF is working with Derek Dauphin from the Department of City Planning to parallel the codification process with the Centre Avenue & Herron Avenue Request for Proposals (“RFP”) as much as possible. 


TIF at New Granada

The Hill CDC is working with the URA to consider obtaining Tax Increment Financing (“TIF”) for the New Granada Square redevelopment.  A TIF is the process of borrowing money now against future taxes that will generate as a result of development to fund large scale projects. All three taxing bodies (i.e. City, County and School District) agree to give up 75% of future taxes for 20 years to fund the loan.  The taxing bodies will still receive 25% of future taxes during the taxing term, which is more than they are receiving now. This tax financing tool can fund construction and soft costs, including sidewalks, roadway improvements, parking facilities, transit/other transportation infrastructure and more.


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