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Hill House Request for Proposals (RFP)

DRP Process



Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG) 

Score: 74%

Disposition: Does not align with the Master Plan

Project Summary:

  • Bid for One Hope Square (1 property)
  • Planned to modernize the builiding and make it more energy efficient
  • Planned to create incubator space for small businesses and nonprofit organizations


E. Properties with Community Partner, Hill CDC

Score: 88%

Disposition: Aligns with the Master Plan

Project Summary:

  • Bid for all four (4) Hill House properties
  • Modernize all buildings to increase energy efficiency
  • Add an additional floor to Hill House Main


Community Meeting Presentation

Hill House Main Mock-Up



January 2019 - RFP Released

  • Option Agreement between Hill House Association and Greater Hill District Development Growth Fund were signed
    • $125,000/month for four months ($500,000 totoal) - money to be repaid if there are eventual proceeds of sale above  the minimum bid requirement
    • Public community process and release of RFP from the URA
    • All proposals received to be reviewed and scored through the Development Review Panel ("DRP") process - Judge will make final decision based off DRP recommendations
  • 1/18 - URA released the RFP for the four (4) Hill House properties
    • Bids were due by 2/13, 5pm


February 2019 - Receiving Bids

  • Deadline for bids extended to 2/27
    • Hill House main closed in late January due to water damage (cause unknown)
    • HHA expressed safety concerns therby preventing developers from necessary access to building, records, etc.
  • 2/27 - Extended deadline to receive Hill House property bids


March 2019 - Reviewing Bids

  • 3/19 - Special convening of the DRP to review submitted Hill House RFP bids
  • 3/26 - Special Hill House RFP Community Meeting for residents to review and vote on bids that passed the initial stage of the DRP
    • The bid from E. Properties with Community Partner, Hill CDC passed with a cumulative score (DRP + Community) of 88%.
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