Lower Hill Preliminary Land Development Plan (PLDP)

Lower Hill Preliminary Land Development Plan (PLDP)
Development Address: 
Lower Hill District
Pittsburgh Penguins and The Buccini Pollin Group
Project Status: 
Under Review
Development Category: 

February 2023 - Internal Review by DRP

September 2022 - Submitted to the DRP

The 28- acre former Civic Arena site and the PPG Paints

Arena are a 42 acre Specially Planned Zoning District; "SP11-Lower Hill" established in February 2015

SP-11 identifies specific permitted and not-permitted Uses, building heights and other unique conditions within the Lower Hill District.

Development on the Lower Hill is administered by the Planning Commission through the framework of Regulatory Requirements and Guidelines outlined in a Preliminary Land Development Plan (PLDP)

The initial PLDP was approved in December 2014

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