Madison School Art Center

Madison School Art Center
Development Address: 
3401 Milwaukee St
Aligns with Master Plan
McClays, LLC
Project Status: 
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March 2023

  • Development Review Panel Committee received and reviewed their proposal internally.
  • DRP committee determined that the project was ready to proceed through the community review process

April 2023

  • Presentation by Owner/Developer Mclays, LLC and Architecture, Robert S. Pfaffmann for Madison School reuse
    • MCLAYS, LLC owns The Madison School Arts Center outright, with no debt
    • Plans to finance this project by pursuing $350,000 in grants and donations for classroom studio renovations, parking and HVAC system upgrades.
  • Phase 1: Pittsburgh Playwrights Occupancy
  • Phase 2: Upper Floors Art Studios and related organizations.
    • Funds for the Elevator will be raised for a later phase to comply with ADA codes,
  • Prime Tenant: Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Studios
  • Tenant with a 15-year lease.

May 2023

  • The DRP determined the project was in alignment with the Greater Hill District Master Plan and scored the project a 84%- B

June 2023

  • The Development Team has been invited to formally present to the broader Community during the Quarter Community Meeting on July 13, 2023

July 2023

  • Development Team presented to the Hill District Community at our July Community Meeting: COOKOUT EDITION
  • Residents were extremely excited about this project and scored it at 99% - A
  • The cumulative score averaged to 91% - A
  • A letter of support was sent to the development team and government officials on July 31st

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