Who We Work With

The Hill CDC works in partnership with residents, stakeholders, elected officials, and agency partners to create, promote, and implement strategies and programs that connect plans, policies, and people to drive compelling community development opportunities in the Greater Hill District.


The Hill CDC provides extensive programming and resources for residents and is committed to connecting residents and stakeholders to economic and community development opportunities. One program that has been created to help residents who dream of owning their own home in the Hill District is the Hill District 100 initiative. This program provides relevant and meaningful education and support to potential home buyers to help grow the Hill District, increase wealth, and transform the community. Residents who aspire to become entrepreneurs would be interested in exploring our business programs! The Hill CDC's advocacy efforts are centered on the Hill District's community master plan which was envisioned and created through deep resident and stakeholder engagement.


The Hill CDC strives to provide suitable resources for businesses and business owners to help them succeed by establishing partnerships with other businesses and organizations. Various programs are offered at the Hill CDC such as homeownership education and support for small businesses. This continuous support provides sustainable investment throughout the Hill District community and economic development.


The Hill District is ideally located in the center of Pittsburgh and connects three of Pittsburgh's largest business districts- Downtown Pittsburgh, Oakland, and the East End. Over the next 7 years, the Hill District is slated for $2.5 billion dollars of investment. Developers who are interested in investing in the residential community and building the commercial corridor are encouraged to submit a proposal. All proposals are reviewed by the Development Review Panel (DRP) which is the Hill District's unified community voice, and an 11-member body of residents who were appointed by organizations that represent communities in the social, faith-based, educational, cultural, and residential sectors. The DRP reviews proposals for new development and provides feedback and recommendations for improvement. In order to receive a letter of support from the DRP, a proposal must receive a cumulative score of 80% or higher. The Hill CDC is the Registered Community Organization (RCO) for the Hill District.

The Hill CDC also serves as an equity, community, strategic and or technical partner for developers who understand the critical importance of equitable development and community ownership. The organization is engaged in a range of exciting projects that can be viewed here.


The Hill District is a burgeoning destination and vital to the growth of the region. Individual donors, real estate/property investors, and philanthropic partners should consider joining with the Hill CDC to invest in the Hill District's commerce and residential development efforts. Over $2 billion dollars is slated for commercial, entertainment, and mixed-use development.


The Hill CDC strives to build a strong community in the Hill District and does so with various partners from community-based organizations, government, universities, and other organizations. Through these existing relationships and networks, the Hill CDC is able to connect residents and businesses to additional opportunities to build-up and sustain the community.