Lower Hill Community Collaboration and Implementation Plan (CCIP)

The Community Collaboration and Implementation Plan (CCIP) is an agreement to address many community concerns articulated by the residents and stakeholders of the Hill District community in the redevelopment of the Lower Hill District 28-acre site. The document reflects the following issues, as well as establishing an agreement to create the largest and most flexible tax financing area in the history of Pittsburgh. The document was executed on September 11, 2014, by the Pittsburgh Penguins and was followed by the City, County, and Lower Hill Working Group (the Hill District's negotiating body).

Focus Areas

Minority & Women Business Enterprise Inclusion

Opportunities for African American, minority, and women-owned businesses to participate in the ownership, development, design, construction, operation, and management of the redevelopment of the Site.

Workforce Development, Job Inclusion and Local Hiring

Train and provide opportunities for professional, skilled and unskilled laborers from the Hill District Community and other predominately African American and minority communities to be employed in association with all aspects of the redevelopment of the Site.

Housing Inclusion and Home Ownership

Opportunities for homeownership and affordable housing on the Site and throughout the Hill District community.

Wealth Building Initiatives

Research, identify and cultivate opportunities for residents and organizations to form their own businesses that could benefit from: A.) The redevelopment of the Site (e.g. retail establishments) in the near term and/or B.) Future development and ownership opportunities that may arise in the Hill District community. Also, research and identify other public-private partnership opportunities that can create sustainable wealth for Hill District community residents.

Coordinated Community Development Strategies

Coordinate all community development efforts, including communication and marketing efforts with respect to Lower, Middle, and Upper Hill District to present an inclusive community and to maximize economic benefit for all residents and stakeholders. Also, to operate in tandem with the Greater Hill District Master Plan.

Cultural & Community Legacy Initiatives

Work with the community to preserve and incorporate the history of the Hill District community in the design of the public (and other) areas within the Site.