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Your Hill, Your Home

With thousands of newly developed housing units, for-sale or rental, hundreds of quaint single-family homes and rows of early twentieth century mansions, the Hill District has a home for everyone. Our population of over 10,000 seniors, empty-nesters, families, young professionals and youth enjoy the convenience of urban living without the hassle. A welcoming community of residents, the Hill District is one of the most livable communities in the most livable city!

Residents of the Hill live in a prime location to work in a variety of growing industries. There are several opportunities within the Hill to tie workforce development to other programs and nearby institutions, training residents for higher-paying work to improve individuals’ quality-of-life and to bring more income to the Hill.


Buy a home!

There are great homes for sale in the Hill District!
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(Please note that some homes under this link may be listed as "Downtown, Schenley Heights or Uptown" but still fall within the boundaries of the Hill District.)

There are several programs available to help you buy a home or relocate to the Hill District including:

  • Tax AbatementFinancing
  • Financing
  • Credit Repair

Contact our office today to learn more about programs that fit your needs.  You may use the form to contact us or call 412-765.1820.

Social Services

The Hill District has a strong history of serving the community and continues that legacy today. The Hill District is home to a number of social service agencies that address family support, educational needs, counseling, mentoring, basic needs and more.  Please use the directory to find more resources.


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