Our Services

Real Estate Development Services

The Hill CDC knows what it takes to get your project from a vision to a concrete plan to completion and we are here to help you navigate the process. To that end, we assist real estate developers in executing and facilitating:

  • Community Master Plan Alignment
  • Site Identification and Land Acquisition
  • Predevelopment Support
  • Regulatory Support
  • Coordination with governmental agencies and community stakeholders
  • Referral services and matchmaking for professional services, trades, etc.

We also work collaboratively with developers in numerous partnership capacities ranging from co-developer to joint ventures.

Neighborhood Planning

The CDC worked with community members, public and private developers, and government entities to create the Greater Hill District Master Plan. Facilitating and implementing the Master Plan is the work of the Hill CDC. We are equipped to advise developers on all aspects of neighborhood planning including convening community members, business owners, and stakeholders to vet development projects' chances of success and communicating with all necessary community parties to gain project buy-in.

Program Planning Support

The Greater Hill District Master Plan does more than outline real estate development - it charts a vision for quality of life for the Hill. The vision includes relevant, effective, and available programming, based upon the assets of the community. As a community development corporation first concerned with the quality of life for Hill District residents and stakeholders, the Hill CDC will assist with garnering the resources to bring to fruition programming that complements real estate development projects. Specifically, we will assist with the development of your program:

  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Organization and management
  • Evaluation strategies

Business Development/ Neighborhood-centric Marketing

The Hill CDC understands the connection between a thriving community and a viable business presence. We will bring all resources to bear in attracting, retaining and expanding new and existing Hill District businesses. The Hill CDC will consult with new and existing Hill District businesses to:

  • Target their marketing efforts to meet the needs, desires, and culture of the community
  • Participate in community activities to generate visibility and goodwill
  • Meet face-to-face with Hill residents
  • Provide an opportunity for an online presence via the Hill CDC website: www.hilldistrict.org
  • Create a forum for productive business to business interface

Community Relations/ Outreach Services

In keeping with the philosophy of community-focused real estate development, the CDC is committed to supporting real estate developers as they interface with residents of the Hill. Specifically, the Hill CDC will:

  • Organize and attend community meetings related to public approval and citizen participation in development projects;
  • Serve as a community liaison with residents and businesses to assure community support of the project and act as a link between the community and the new development;
  • Meet with community stakeholders to provide informed suggestions and constructive support for the development process;
  • Disseminate important information about development activities throughout the community.