What We Do

People, Place & Policy

The Hill CDC has three core focus areas which are People, Place and Policy. The People focus area includes our programs and initiatives that are offered which includes business and entrepreneurship support, home ownership preparation, and arts and culture. The Place focus area includes real estate development and is focus and revitalization of building the commercial corridor in the Hill District and access to affordable homeownership. The Policy focus area is the promotion of equitable development and neighborhood planning. 

Programs & Initiatives

The Program Initiatives are specific projects to help the community meet its goals of improving the quality of life in the Hill and taking a role in Pittsburgh’s regeneration. They are designed to specifically meet the five community goals outlined in the Greater Hill District Master Plan. Program Initiatives are a way for every Hill District resident to get involved in bettering the neighborhood. There are a number of programs already serving the Greater Hill District. Residents of the Hill can be involved in any number of ways—attending planning meetings, leading block groups, checking in on neighbors, volunteering to help with neighborhood clean-up, and leading the charge to get the Program Initiatives up an off the ground. Below are the 5 Program Initiatives that are outlined in the Greater Hill District Master Plan:

  • Build Upon the African American Cultural Legacy
  • Economic Empowerment and Commercial Development
  • Family-Friendly Housing Development without Displacement
  • Make the Hill District a Green and Well-Designed Community
  • Mobility, Transportation, and Parking

Real Estate & Development

The Real Estate efforts include developing and revitalizing residential and commercial property, ranging from affordable housing to retail centers and even businesses. The Hill CDC Real Estate and Development is dedicated to creating a vibrant and sustainable neighborhood. Real Estate Development is dedicated to building place and stimulating economic revitalization. The goal is to make sure that any real estate development –whether retail or residential – compliments what already exists in the neighborhood. This helps to prevent unintentional displacement of existing small businesses and property owners as a result of development.

Policy & Planning

The Greater Hill District Master Plan (GHDMP) sets forth the goals, objectives, policies, and programs to address specific issues related to the Hill District community. This plan provides the overall policy framework and direction for the development and planning in the community. The GHDMP is a blueprint that shapes present and future development in the community. It contains policies specific to the community that carries out the community’s goals. Development projects in the neighborhood are reviewed against and must be consistent with the policies in the plan. Being part of the planning and update process is a great way for residents and stakeholders to learn more about the community and contribute their ideas to help shape its future. The Hill CDC is involved in numerous committees and task forces to create and implement city-wide policies and create sustainable strategies for the long term goals that benefit of Hill District residents.