Hill District Greenprint

Document Description: 

The Greenprint has three core goals:

  • Establish a healthy place with urban development that works in concert with the natural ecology;
  • Identify projects and opportunities for leadership and innovation in the local economy; and
  • Reframe the identity of the Hill District as "A Village in the Woods" - an example of urban beauty.

The Greenprint builds upon the Hill’s existing landscape resources to provide a framework for the neighborhood to retain its identity and capitalize on its geography.  As an ecological framework to guide future development, the Greenprint defines three distinct regions:

  • The Woods, the Hill's outer edge, wraps the community with dense vegetation.
  • The Village is a collection of diverse neighborhoods at the geographic center of the Hill.
  • Conveyance is the system that moves people, water, and wildlife through the Hill, highlighting historic stream paths.