Kaufmann Center Renovations and Addition

Kaufmann Center Renovations and Addition
Development Address: 
1825 Centre Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Aligns with Master Plan
ACH Clear Pathways
Project Status: 
Development Category: 
Community Services

November 2019 - Submitted to the DRP

  • 25'x82' one story addition with basement to an existing three story structure.
  • Approximately 4000 sf of existing
  • space on the second and third floors (2000 sf/floor) will be renovated.
  • The existing use is as a Community Center
  • and will continue that use under new ownership, providing after-school and summer camp art programming to local
  • youth.
  • This building will also be available for continued community events and rental space.
  • Seeking zoning approvals

December 2019 - DRP conducted an internal review of the proposal

  • The DRP met and reviewed the proposal during their monthly meeting
  • The DRP agreed to formally invite the developer to present in January and provided feedback in preparation for that presentation

January 2020 - Presented to the DRP

  • The DRP scored the proposal a 87% and thus determined the project was in alignment with the Greater Hill District Master Plan
  • The development team has been invited to present at the next community meeting in February 2020

February 2020 - Community Meeting Presentation

  • The development team presented at the community meeting February 20, 2020
  • The project received a 97% from the community.
  • The project scored a cumulative 91% and is therefore in alignment with the Greater Hill District Master Plan
  • The developer received a letter of support on February 27, 2020

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