Middle Hill Scattered Sites Townhomes

Middle Hill Scattered Sites Townhomes
Aligns with Master Plan
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April 2018 - Submitted to the DRP

  • Proposed 22-new construction townhome units in a partnership between Amani Christian Community Development Corporation, Macedonia Development Corporation, Bridging the Gap Development, LLC, and the Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh (HACP).
  • All units will be affordable.
  • Upon completion HACP will own and manage the units and rent to tenants via their project-based voucher program.
  • Moody Nolan, a national-black owned Architectural firm has been selected to design and engineer the units.
  • Plan is to have units completed and delivered by Spring 2020.

May 2018 - Sat before the DRP

  • The DRP determined the project was in alignment and scored the project an 84% out of 100%.

July 2018 - Presented to the Community

  • Presented to the community on 7/19/18
  • Received a cumulative score of 82%

August 2018 - Support Letter

  • Sent Support Letter 8/3/18

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