New Granada Building & Offices

New Granada Building & Offices
Development Address: 
2001-2013 Centre Avenue
Aligns with Master Plan
Hill Community Development Corporation
Project Status: 
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May 2021 - Submitted to the DRP

  • The Development Team Submitted Project Proposal to the DRP
  • Proposed Project is the rehabilitation of the historic New Granada Theater and new construction of an addition purposed for Office and Dining Space.
  • Historic Building will contain institutional space, cultural, and major event space, along with a Food Hall.
  • Office building will be 24K sq ft for destination restaurant, institutional and office space, and indoor parking.

June 2021 - Internal Review

  • The DRP conducted an internal review of the project submission during their June 2nd meeting
  • The DRP voted to invite the Development Team for a formal presentation of the Development Project during their July meeting
  • The DRP sent additional questions and feedback to be answered during the formal presentation

July 2021 - Presented to the DRP

  • The Development Team formally presented to the DRP during the July 7th meeting
  • The DRP reviewed and scored the project passing with an 89% - B
  • The DRP will invite the Development Team to formally present to the larger community during a special Centre Avenue Development Activites Meeting

August 2021 - Presented to the Community

  • The Development Team formally presented to the larger community during the Q3 Community Meeting
  • The Development Project was given a passing score by the community for a cumulative score of 91% - A
  • The DRP will prepare to issue a Letter of Support for the Development Project

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