21 Rose Street Townhomes

21 Rose Street Townhomes
Development Address: 
2100 Rose St
Rose Street Ventures, LP/PHDC
Project Status: 
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March 2021 - Submitted to the DRP

  • Rose Street Ventures, LP + Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation; Proposed 6 new construction Townhomes
  • Two units targeted at 80% AMI with Four units for market rate
  • Project will need 5 vacant parcels along the 2100 Block of Rose Street from the URA
  • Units will have private fenced backyards in the rear and individual parking pads in the front of each unit
  • Development plans include art design in collaboration with Pittsburgh Based Artists, Baron Batch

April 2021- Internal Interview

  • DRP Conducted an Internal Review of the proposed Development Project
  • DRP has invite the development team to present during May meeting

May 2021 - Presentation

  • The Development Team formally presented to the DRP during May 5th meeting
  • The Development Project received a score of 83% - B from the DRP
  • The DRP has invited the development team to formally present to broader community during the Q3 Community Meeting

August 2021 - Presented to the Community 

  • The Development Team presented to the Community during the Q3 Community meeting
  • The Development Project received a passing score from the community with a cumulative score of 84% - B
  • The DRP will prepare to issue a Letter of Support for the Development Project

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