Wade Larison


Wade Larison

Public Allies Fellow

Wade serves as a Public Allies Fellow with a focus on Policy, Programs, and Development. He comes to the CDC as a recent graduate of Duquesne University with a master's degree in Philosophy, award-winning writing and research skills, and a strong desire to affect positive social change in the communities of Pittsburgh. Having spent most of his life in southwestern Pennsylvania, he took it upon himself to widen his cultural and intellectual horizons by traveling abroad. Doing so instilled within him a desire to explore cross-cultural and intellectual frontiers in new, exciting, and productive ways.

Throughout his academic career, Wade has focused on social justice, power, and the relationship between human experience and technological advancement. By way of his studies, Wade has attempted to find unique ways to implement theory into practical use for the good of self-improvement, relationships, and communities. He is passionate about enacting direct and measurable methods to overcome social and material inequality in underserved areas.

Wade has a Master's Degree in Philosophy from Duquesne University and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He was awarded honors for his research at the IAPRS Conference of 2019 and the Howard Z. Fitzgerald Essay Contest and over a decade of experience in writing, technical support, and management. He is an avid music lover, reader, and traveler and enjoys practicing photography in his spare time.

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