Wade Larison


Wade Larison

Development and Communications Associate
Hill CDC

As the Development and Communications Associate at the Hill Community Development Corporation, Wade supports the fundraising, public relations, and outreach efforts of the Hill CDC, leveraging his communication and strategic thinking skills to bring about positive change in the Hill District.

Wade obtained a master's degree in philosophy from Duquesne University, honing strong writing and research abilities. This academic journey fueled his interests in social justice, our interaction with technology, and the analysis of power structures. He has presented his research at academic conferences and won honors for his essays. He has also traveled abroad to broaden his cultural and intellectual horizons and to explore new ways of applying theory to practice. He is motivated by the desire to enact positive social change and to overcome inequality in underserved communities.

Wade likes music, reading, photography, and checking out Pittsburgh's many neighborhoods in his free time. You can catch him enjoying noodles at Took Took 98 in Squirrel Hill or flipping through records at Jerry's on weekends.

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