Western Restoration

Western Restoration
Development Address: 
2851 Bedford Avenue
Aligns with Master Plan
Project Status: 
Development Category: 

March 2018 - Submitted to the DRP

  • Proposed senior rental housing redevelopment of 3 buildings along Bedford Avenue to 24, 1-bedroom units.  10 units will be fully accessible.
  • All units will be affordable to households with incomes up to 60% AMI.
  • All 3 buildings are designated as Historic Places and the redevelopment will maintain the historic characteristics.
  • The URA currently owns the property.  They are seeking acquisition from the URA.

May 2018 - Sat before the DRP

  • The DRP determined the project was in alignment and scored the project a 91% out of 100%.

October 2018 - Presented to the community 

  • Presented at the community meeting on October 25, 2018
  • Received a score of 96%

November 2020 - Revisited the DRP

  • Presented updated project scope of Phase I to DRP
  • Project now includes an additional building
  • 16 Adaptive Reuse Units, 24 New Construction Units, 37 Rehab Units, 1 Commercial Space 3,500 sq ft
  • All additional units are 100% Affordable
  • DRP is currently Scoring the Project

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