Curtain Call

Curtain Call
Development Address: 
1001 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15219
Pittsburgh Arena Real Estate Redevelopment LP
Project Status: 
Under Review
Development Category: 

July 2023

Submitted to DRP.

Pittsburgh Arena Real Estate Redevelopment proposed .57 acres of urban Open Space improvements and Curtain Call public artwork at the corner of Wylie Avenue and Crawford Street

Completed site improvements will be owned and maintained by Lower Hill District Conservancy (LHDC). Public artwork will be owned by the Sports and Exhibition Authority and maintained by LHDC.

August 2023

DRP conducted an internal review of the proposed development and formally invited the team to present at the next committee meeting in September.

As a result of Lower Hill Block E negotiations, led by Hill CDC, the Pens agreed to meet with the Hill District community about the proposed move of the site from in front of PPG Arena to Block A2.

Hill CDC, along with Schenley Heights Collaborative and the Hill District Consensus Group, cohosted the meeting at St. Benedict the Moor on August 23, 2023.

Developer and Architect Walter Hood presented to the Hill District Community about the proposed location change from outside of PPG Arena and the design enhancements that were added.

Due to numerous technical difficulties at the meeting, the meeting hosts are in the process of providing written feedback to the Pens in a formal memo format that will be shared with the City Planning Commission, Elected Officials, URA, SEA, media sources, and the broader Hill District community.

The Penguins attended August's Bi-Monthly Plans meeting convened by Hill CDC with Hill District Planning Partners to rerecord their presentation. A recording of this presentation is available on the Hill CDC's YouTube channel.

Outstanding issues unresolved from Community Meeting

  • Construction Schedule
  • Timeline for Development
  • Site Ownership
  • Community representation on the LHDC's board
  • Status of Funding from Penguins et al.
  • Historical and Contextual Narrative
  • Responsibility of Maintenance and Security
  • Is the Community supportive of the move?
  • Can we achieve universal accessibility at the original site after redesign?

September 2023

A response letter concerning the initial committee score was delivered to the Pens/PAR with recommendations to better align this project with the Greater Hill District Master Plan and the Community Collaboration and Implementation Plan for the Lower Hill. Their formal presentation to the DRP Committee on September 6th failed to receive a passing score.

As of the September 18th Development Activities Meeting held by City Planning Department, which you are able to view on our YouTube, the Curtain Call project has not yet completed the Development Review Panel process.

The developer has been invited to consult with Hill CDC and the DRP Committee and present updated plans to the DRP Committee at the next meeting on October 4th. As of today they have not reengaged the DRP process.

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