The Standard on Fifth

The Standard on Fifth
Development Address: 
2116-2130 Fifth Avenue
Aligns with Master Plan
Beacon Communities
Project Status: 
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April 2023

  • The development project was given a score of 82% - B by the DRP, and found to be in alignment with the Master Plan.

July 2022

  • Developer submitted to the Development Review Panel

September 2022

  • Developer presented to the Development Review Panel
  • Beacon Communities and Uptown Partners are proposing new construction of 51 apartments on Fifth Avenue near Moultrie St. The new building will consist of a mix of workforce housing, market rate housing, and affordable housing. Construction is proposed to start in mid- to late-2023.
  • Total number of units are 51
  • 11 of those units are market rate
  • 40 are affordable
  • 51% of units will be affordable to households at 51% AMI or below; 27% to households at 60% AMI or below
  • 3 parking spaces for quick drop offs
  • The DRP determined the project was not in alignment and scored the project a 79%- C
  • Developer is being scheduled to present to the DRP committee to incorporate feedback

November 2022

  • The Development Team presented during the November DRP meeting, in response to the given feedback
  • DRP determined that the proposed project was in better alignment with the Greater Hill District Master Plan giving a score of 82% - B
  • The Development Team has been invited to formally present to the broader Community during the Quarter Community Meeting in March 2023

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